Some other Montessori schools

If you like the idea of a Montessori school but live in another part of town, or have children at different schooling ages, you might want to explore some other Montessori schools. We’ve put together a list below that we hope will help.

If you’re even further afield, we might have some tips on other schools. Get in touch.


secondary schools

Peace Experiment logo

Peace Experiment

Panmure, Auckland

Vision: School. Reinvented. We are changing the way you think about education. We are endorsing children to lead the way to a more peaceful world.


Primary schools

Meraki Montessori logo


Wainui, Hibiscus Coast

Vision: To re-energise education by allowing children the freedom to reach their full potential within a caring and carefully prepared environment.

Montessori at Huapai logo

Montessori at Huapai

Huapai, West Auckland

Vision: With experienced Montessori guides, we provide education that is focused on children learning, not teachers teaching.

Golden Grove logo

Golden Grove

Onehunga, South Auckland.

Vision: Montessori learning in a family environment.

Montessori at Howick logo

Montessori at howick

Howick, East Auckland.

Vision: At Montessori at Howick Primary we aim to provide and promote an education, inspired by the Montessori philosophy, which nurtures in the child a lifelong love of learning through self-discovery.


Titoki logo


Torbay, North Shore. “Where every child can reach its fullest potential.”

Koru Montessori logo


Sunnynook, North Shore. “Where play is the work of the child.”

Riverhead Montessori logo


Riverhead, West Auckland. “Love for the child.”

Birkenhead Point Montessori logo

Birkenhead point

Birkenhead, North Shore. “Inspire young minds.”