Harbour Montessori application form

Thanks for your interest in coming to Harbour Montessori College!

The form below gathers some basic details about you and your parents or guardians. We’ll talk about the fun stuff when we meet you.

If more than one person is applying, you’ll need to — sorry — fill out a new form for each of you. (Parents — please encourage your children to complete the form with you.) Please note that all applications are vetted to ensure that any prospective students needs can be met and that an application does not guarantee enrolment.


A one-off, non-refundable application fee of $200.

Tuition fees for 2019 are $12,500. A $1500 deposit is required prior to starting. This is deducted from the annual fees making the remaining cost $2,750 per term which is our most popular payment option.

All fees include GST.

Tuition fees are reviewed each November, with the following year’s fees posted on the website. One full term’s notice of withdrawal is required.

Discounts and scholarships

We offer discounts for lump-sum payments and for families with two or more children attending, as well as flexible payment options.

We’re not yet offering scholarships, but plan to in the future.

How to pay

Make payments to:
Account name: Harbour Montessori Trust
Account number: 06-0193-0852858-00

Please include the student’s name as a reference.

terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for applications.


Application form

Tell us about you (the student)
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Are you a NZ citizen? *
Do you identify as NZ Maori? *
Have you attended a Montessori school before? *
Tell us about your parents or guardians
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Name of first parent or guardian
Name of second parent or guardian (optional)
Name of second parent or guardian (optional)
The rest of the form is for a parent or guardian to fill out:
Are there any custodial arrangements we should be aware of? *
Note: A copy of a court order is required to enforce any restrictions or access arrangements.
Confirm details *
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Name of signing parent/guardian