An idyllic spot to learn.


Harbour Montessori College was founded by a group of professionals who saw their children flourish in a Montessori primary and wanted their secondary school to provide the same “unlimited” and “unboxed” education. (New to Montessori? Why we love it.)

We’re in the beautiful native bush surroundings of the Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, not far from local businesses, universities and public transport. Students have all sorts of opportunities and resources onsite, including gardens, an orchard, a commercial kitchen, swimming pool, basketball court as well as open spaces for sports and other activities.

Live somewhere else or need something for younger students? We can help with tips for other Montessori schools.

All photography from parents and students.

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About our Founders

We’re from a wide range of backgrounds — just like you and your children.

We’d love to meet you all.


Where does a Montessori education lead?

Academic success, university, trades, entrepreneurship, philanthropy — a Montessori approach won’t limit your child’s options.